Our Philosophy for creating pants & clothes


80 / 20 Rule

We believe in reducing our impact on our planet.  As a  company we believe it is unrealistic to completely get rid of plastic.  However, we do believe if everyone including ourselves reduce our plastic use by 80% the planet will be a better place for all. 


Creating Jobs in Baltimore

Baltimore is a great city with some economical challenges.  We believe in the city and our goal is a create a world class garment factory in this city.   We look to create highly skilled manufacturing jobs for inner city people.  Historically the clothing industry has be a way to lift people our of poverty.  


About Us


Blue Zipper™ is developing the future of pants and clothing. Polyester and fast fashion are polluting and affecting our environment without us realizing it. We need to start making better apparel while reducing our dependency on polyester. This is about making things better for future generations.